Rainbow Heirloom Sweater

When sourcing the first yarn for Rainbow Heirloom, I had a number of criteria.  Mostly, though, I had to LOVE knitting with it.  Made from 100% superwash merino wool, Rainbow Heirloom Sweater is super soft, machine washable, and tightly spun (for durability), making it ideal for both baby knits and adult sweater projects.


Beautiful stitch definition and subtle semi-solid colours enhance lace patterns

luminous semi-solid colours ::: The yarn takes dye beautifully, resulting in vivid, luminous colours with excellent colour depth and complexity!

Here at Rainbow Heirloom, we focus on subtle semi-solids, which enhance the beauty of lace, cables, and texture patterns, and really ‘pop’ when used for colourwork.


Subtle variegation lends colour depth and interest, but doesn’t compete with the knitting.


Excellent stitch definition makes cable and texture patterns really ‘pop’


Vivid rainbows of colour… perfect for your next bold and beautiful project!

An ideal ‘sweater’ weight ::: Sweater is a plump DK / worsted makes a cozy, dense fabric at 22 sts / 4″ (5.5 sts / inch), which is typical for DK weight patterns, but it even more ideal at 20 sts / 4″ (5 sts / inch), which is a perfect worsted sweater weight.  And if you go up an extra needle size, you can even use it for patterns calling for a gauge of 18 sts / 4″ (4.5 sts / inch), although I find the fabric at this gauge a little bit looser than I prefer for sweater knitting.


Rainbow Heirloom Sweater is extremely versatile, but still luxurious and a pure pleasure to work with!


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Heirloom Sweater

  1. I dream about these yarns! The colours are so Clear and Vivid!!! Wish you lived on my side of the globe! Maybe it’s better you didn’t or there would be War at home because I’d be buying your yarn all the time! I could die happy in a pile of this yarn, “gone to heaven on a rainbow”!

  2. It says Rainbow Heirloom Sweater is machine washable, but does not say lay flat to dry. Is it machine dryable? I am asking because if I make a baby blanket for a friend I don’t want them to worry about laying it out to dry.

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