Win 6 skeins (1500 yds) of Rainbow Heirloom Sweater!

Ever wondered what knit designers talk about when they get together? 

My design partner Alexa and I were recently interviewed by Lydia and Sophie at Pom Pom Quarterly, you can listen to the interview on Pomcast 5.

How can I win?! 

Alongside the interview, we are teaming up with Pom Pom to give away a SUPER EPIC prize – a signed copy of our new book Road Trip (check out all the patterns here, and pick your favourite one to enter!), plus a sweater’s worth (6 skeins) of Rainbow Heirloom Sweater, custom-dyed to your favourite colourwayTo enter, leave a comment on the PomCast 5 Blog post, letting us know your fav design from Road Trip.  And share to social media to get an extra entry!

Road Trip

Road Trip is available as an ebook (14 great patterns for only $18) or if you prefer, order a print + ebook for $23 + shipping!  Check out all the patterns here.

What colourway would you pick?  I’ll share a few of my own personal favourites…


I love the bright bold purple of ‘princess rockstar’ which is tempered by shots of grey and black. I’d make a Lush Cardigan or a Caribou Cardigan in this colourway!


The bright neon pinky orange of ‘killer flamingo’ is very hard to capture in a photo! This colour really screams FUN… I’d make a cropped cabled cardi in this colourway… perhaps one of the adorable designs by Andi Satterlund?


Fluffy Bunny is a lovely soft and neutral colourway… perfect for showing off lace patterns, or creating simple satisfying garments. Nina recently knit a beautiful Windswept pullover in this colourway – more details on that coming soon!

Windswept in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater

The lovely Nina (check out her blog here!) modelling her Windswept in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater in ‘fluffy bunny)


What do you think?

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