Verdant… into the wild wet woods

I grew up on Vancouver Island, on the far west coast of Canada.  It was only once I’d moved away that I realized what a special place it was where I had grown up.  I suppose many people have this realization, after the teenage urge to flee your hometown has passed.

Verdant on Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light

June Colourway: ‘Verdant’ on Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light, is inspired by the temperate rainforests of my home.  Deadfall breeds new life as moss, mushrooms, and ferns carpet the moist forest floor.

One of the overriding memories of my childhood is being surrounded by green.  In my part of the world, trees grow like grass on the hills.  Later, living in California and Scotland, I wondered how the hills there could stay so bald and barren.  In the Pacific Northwest, it seems that any piece of land, left fallow and untended, is quickly subsumed by the rainforest, taken back by nature.

Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light

Verdant on Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light is the Nostalgia Club colour for June 2015.

a childhood spent roaming the wild

My sister and I were lucky as children to be given a lot of freedom to fend for ourselves.  In my memory, summers were endless golden times and we roamed around, playing games in the woods behind our house, swimming in the ocean every day, and cooking hot-dogs for dinner over a beach fire.  The backdrop to everything was the forest.

Verdant is a complex, layered green is inspired by the forests of my childhood.  With earthy brown undertones, and shots of teal, this colour shimmers with life and vitality, like the fern-coated forest floor.

Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light

This bouncy 2-ply superwash merino takes soaks in dye and is perfect in subtle semi-solids.  It is great for lightweight sweaters, shawls, scarves, and colourwork projects.

Rainbow Heirloom MERINO LIGHT
weight: 4-ply / sock weight yarn
content: 100% superwash merino
yardage: 400 yds (365 m) per 100 g skein
needles: 2.25 to 4.0 mm (US 1-6)
gauge: 24 – 30 sts = 10 cm (4”)

Today, June 5th at 8pm BST (find your timezone here) we’re having an update that will feature more beautiful shades of this yarn…

Rainbow Heirloom Yarns

Some other lovely colourways in RH Merino Light and RH Solo Light that will be available in the update today (June 5th) at 8pm BST.  Check them out in the shop preview.

I’m currently knitting a Playdate Cardigan, from Tin Can Knits latest book Max & Bodhi’s Wardrobe in Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light in the club colourway ‘verdant’, and an exquisite vibrant teal called ‘jewel sea’.

Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light

The Playdate Cardigan by Tin Can Knits in 1-row stripes using Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light in ‘verdant’ and ‘jewel sea’.  It’s got adorable little hidden pockets!

Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light

Rainbow Heirloom Yarns

A few more hot shades available in this update…

Nostalgia : colours that tell stories

Starting now, and continuing over the next 9 months I am releasing a very special club, a series of colours that tell stories. These colours have sprung from my own stories, and memories of home, of my journeys, and of the beautiful moments of my life so far. Perhaps they will inspire you to share your own story, and create something that is full of care, love and nostalgia.

Nostalgia Club by Rainbow Heirloom

The first three months are my ‘SHADES OF HOME’, inspired by the iconic landscapes of my birthplace on the west coast of Canada, these are colours and stories that remind me of home. The next part of the story, ‘ON THE ROAD’ are three shades which are inspired by my journeys, challenges, and the excitement of discovering new places. The final three colours are inspired by those ‘SPECIAL DAYS’ in my life which are most poignant and packed with meaning and memory.


Sign up to get Rainbow Mail, and every month you will have a chance to win one (or two or three!) skeins of the featured Nostalgia club yarn!  There’s still a couple hours to enter to win these 2 skeins…

Verdant on RH Merino Light

Sign up to win 2 skeins of Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light in ‘Verdant’ – the Nostalgia Club colourway for June 2015.  Just get Rainbow Mail for a monthly chance to win!

What will you knit?

I’ve put together a pinterest board with some inspiring projects that would be great in Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light!  Check it out here.

What colour was your childhood?

Share your own stories, your colour inspirations and memories with me on social media, or comment on this post.

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2 thoughts on “Verdant… into the wild wet woods

  1. My childhood was coloured Blue. Really blues and greens. I grew up in San Diego California and the force there was the Pacific ocean. The thing about this ocean is that the blues and some reflected green, swirled and changed with the mood of the Pacific. She is a Moody ocean at times and takes on a deep bule grey. Other times she danced with the sunlight and her colours were bright blues with bits of deep green showing in the deeper waters. In some respects it is a complicated colour and yet not! Joyous and Dancing is the way I remember He. If you are born near one of the Oceans of the world, you can never really leave them. I am always drawn back, always miss her. At times, I can smell the salt, the white hot sand that dress her shores, the treasures that she leaves as gifts and the colour BLUE fills my mind!

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