Winding Road – and a new design!

It seems fitting that as I write this post, I’m travelling.  I am visiting my home on Vancouver Island, and just met the newest addition to our family, my sister’s little baby boy Sawyer, who is only 5 weeks old.

The Road I Took Shawl

The Road I Took Shawl by Dieuwke van Mulligen, knit in RH Brit Aran in ‘Winding Road’, the Nostalgia Club yarn for September.

Winding Road, this month’s Nostalgia Club yarn, is inspired by a trip I took to the Isle of Skye, a moody and windswept island off the coast of Scotland.  In 2011, when I came to the UK, I really wasn’t sure where I’d end up.  I had a visa to work for 2 years and no idea about what part of the country might appeal to me.  So I booked a train journey that took me from London to Norwich, then up to Liverpool, Manchester, and York, before ending in Edinburgh.  A friend had convinced me that I might like the north of England, and I’d tacked on a visit to Edinburgh because it was the city where on of my most beloved BBC historic bodice-rippers was set (North and South).  Funny that silly and insignificant things like this can shape the course of your life.

Of course, arriving in Edinburgh, I absolutely loved the city, and immediately decided that it was where I’d stay.  I moved into a hostel, where my 20-bed dorm had a view out to the castle!  And I met a friend who joined me on this trip to Skye.


This photo really reminds me of the journey, not just that trip to Skye, but the long road I took across Canada from Vancouver to Montreal, then to London, and northward to Scotland.  During big journeys in your life you can be lonely, moody, and introspective, but these downsides come along with an expansiveness of possibility and freedom.  Moving to the UK was a big journey for me, although not the only one I have taken, and hopefully not the last.


Want to #winRHyarn?  You could win 3 skeins of September’s club yarn – to sign up for your chance, simply get Rainbow Mail – our great email updates!  I’ll let you know about shop updates, new yarns and colourways, and share what I’ve been knitting, and new designs in Rainbow Heirloom Yarns.  And every month until February 2016, there will be a draw and one lucky subscriber will win one (or two, or three) lovely skeins!

The September limited-edition colourway ‘Winding Road’ on RH Brit Aran is grey with hints of teal and blue, like a moody Scottish sky.  This bouncy 2-ply BFL takes dye very quickly, which means that my colourways tend to come out a little more variegated on this base.  It’s an excellent yarn for a sweater, a cozy shawl, quick-knitting hat, or a blanket.


This is ‘Winding Road’ on RH Brit Aran (the Nostalgia Club base yarn for September 2015), and on RH Sweater, as the colourway is also available on that base until the end of September.

The talented designer Dieuwke van Mulligen has designed a cozy shawl called ‘The Road I Took’ in this month’s yarn!  The pattern is available now, and the Nostalgia Club yarn will be available in the next shop update, on September 4th at 8pm BST (check your time here).  The shawl requires 3 skeins of RH Brit Aran.  When you sign up for a club membership, you get up to 15% off!

This shallow triangle is knit from the bottom up, with an asymmetrical winding road motif in a field of delicious texture.  The pattern is very flexible, so you can knit until you run out of yarn, and then bind off.  You can learn more about the shawl and Dieuwke’s design process here.

As soon as this gorgeous shawl arrived in the mail, I wrapped it around my neck and didn’t take it off all day (summer days in Edinburgh can be COOL).  It is one of the snuggliest accessories I have ever worn!  Next week I’ll post about how you can wear this beautiful shawl… as a big chunky scarf, as a blanket, as a shrug… there are quite a few ways!

The Road I Took Shawl

Starting this Friday, September 4th at 8pm BST, you can custom-order a shawl amount of Rainbow Heirloom Brit Aran in a colour of your choice!  This month’s Nostalgia Club colour, ‘Winding Road’, is only available until the end of September, but you can also choose from my full range of colours!  The pattern is sold separately, click here to order.

Want to learn more about Dieuwke van Mulligen?  I’ve written a more about her work and her excellent designs here.  You can also read her blog, find her designs on, and check out her latest collection, Impulsive Knits, which is a collaboration with Justyna Lorkowska of Lete’s Knits.


2 thoughts on “Winding Road – and a new design!

  1. No matter when I open this post I am treated to some of the most beautiful designs and yarns around. I wish I had a room full of Rainbow Yarn! Anytime you could slip into a workroom filled with color and the wool calls your name. Ideas flip through your mind like those in a book. Maybe you’ll make a Cardi for yourself or a pullover for that 20 year old son. But then you smile, thinking of your Gran-babies. Two girls, one is about 3 years old and the other is just about a month old. Baby and Toddler things to knit are so fun and tiny and you can add flower and buttons, little bits of lace and for sure there need pockets! Well, you get the point. Now I just need a few more colors, can’t forget the tiny buttons. The real point is, Ya’ll inspire and have just the tings that fit my dreams and designs!!

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