Syne Shawlette by Amanda B. Collins

Auld Lang SyneAmanda B. Collins, a Glasgow-based designer also known as owlprintpanda, has a talent for creating frothy lace shawls.  I sent her some Rainbow Heirloom Lush Light in January’s Nostalgia Club colour, Auld Lang Syne, and she created Syne, a delicate little shawlette inspired by the vivid sparkling lights of a winter sky lit by fireworks!

This top-down semi-circular shawl features a starburst of expanding ribbing, with a shimmering textured lace edging finished with a picot edge!  I love the details.

If you’d like to get this limited edition colourway, be sure to order now!  It will only be available until the end of January 2016!  You can learn more about RH Lush Light here.


lace lace lace!

Amanda’s design talents stretch beyond shawls!  This Autumn she released a beautiful little ebook, ‘As Autumn Falls’, which features the exquisite Baile cardigan.  The beautiful top, Talvera, that she designed for PomPom Quarterly Issue 13 also illustrates how she’s great at taking delicate lace and adapting it for use in garments.


Amanda B. Collins in the lovely Baile Cardigan.

What will we see next from Amanda?  I expect more lovely lacy knits!  When I met Amanda I was quite surprised to learn that she designs in her spare time… she has a very demanding day job as a doctor!  Clearly there is no stopping her, and I expect many lovely lace designs in future.

Love Amanda’s work?  You can browse her designs on Ravelry, follow her on Instagram or Twitter, and read here blog here.


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