Meet Nina, the new boss lady!

bright, bold and beautiful

Nina’s been working on Rainbow Heirloom behind the scenes for years… now she’s stepping into the sun!


Nina, new boss lady at Rainbow Heirloom

Rainbow Heirloom was conceived by Emily Wessel (designer at Tin Can Knits), but as her family has grown, the responsibilities for crafting your vivid yarn have been increasingly handled by fellow dyer and creative Nina Davies.

Since the beginning, Nina has been a crucial part of the team, and we’re so pleased to announce she has officially taken over ownership of  the business.

What will change?  We’ll still offer a sparkling array of delicious colours, and inspiring knit kits.  And there are more exquisite designs by Tin Can Knits in Rainbow Heirloom yarns coming soon!  Nina is also planning an exciting new club for 2016… details will be announced soon.

Why does Nina look so familiar? As well as dying, knitting and shipping, Nina has been modelling for Tin Can Knits since 2013, so you’ve probably been seeing her face online for years!


You may have seen Nina modelling the Lodestar stole, the Wenlock pullover, and the Lowlands hat!

Say “hello!”  Originally from a coastal town in the North East of England, Nina moved to Scotland in 2008 and eventually settled in Edinburgh. Somewhere between working on her PhD and an obsessive amount of knitting, she found the time to dip her hands in the dye pot here at Rainbow Heirloom. She’s obsessed with brilliant, saturated, and vivid colours (and also with Harry Potter, but that’s a different story…). Working together these last few years has been an absolute joy, and Nina is committed to creating those same blistering brights, deep jewel tones, delicately soft tonals, and the extensive range of greys that you know and love. She’s also excited to share new and exciting upcoming projects (including a brand new yarn club launching in the Spring)! So say “hello!” and look forward to many more beautiful rainbows in the future!

but what’s in tonight’s update?

We’ve got some Ombre kits, a few remaining Buccaneer kits, a couple Bounce Blanket kits too, and some palette kits too.



hope: a bright rainbow against grey

This mini kit marks the final instalment of the Nostalgia club.  A single skein of RH Sweater, with mini skeins of approximately 10-12g (25 yds) each, this lovely combination would be perfect for a small colourwork project.  The MC is ‘grey whale’ and the CCs are ‘fav aunty’, ‘killer flamingo’, ‘almost spring’, ‘scorched fern’, and ‘blue collar’.  We aren’t making very many extras this month, so if you’d like one, order now.

The colour combination was inspired by a creative project that I started a couple years ago. These paper cranes were folded in hope, during a sad and scary time, as I watched my mother-in-law slip further and further into illness. We sat with her, we waited for the doctors to tell us what was wrong, we hoped for the best result, and every time the news came back bad, we hoped the next test would be better.  As we waited and the family tried to prop each other up against the sadness and fear, I folded paper cranes.


Inside the cranes, I wrote notes of gratitude, and this helped me see the beautiful in life alongside our unfolding loss.  I wrote about the beauty of my home, the hope I had for the baby I was pregnant with, the love I had for my family and friends, and the luck and mountain of opportunities I have had in my life.  I wrote thanks for the past and hopes for the future.  Working with my hands, and making something beautiful helped with the pain; something that I’m sure most knitters will understand.

Loss and change are part of life, and John and I have mourned Muriel over the past year and a half.  Our son Max was born a few months after her death, and our family is now expanding once more!



so many babies …

Rainbow Heirloom was Emily’s second baby (after Tin Can Knits), then Max came along and soon she’ll have another newbie, so she’s stepping back to spend a bit more family time. But I am sure you’ll be seeing plenty of little Rainbow Heirloom knits modelled by her little ones.


What do you think?

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