Vivid, Bounce, and Fly Away: Thoughts on an Heirloom

On its own, the crochet blanket draped over the arm of my sofa is a tattered and old-fashioned thing, in desperate need of repair and apparently worthless. But for me, it acts as a tie to my Great-Grandma, who made this blanket for me when I was born. When I look at it now, it provides me with a powerful sense of nostalgia, and it has become integral to memories of my childhood experience of family. In particular, I think of huge dinners on a Sunday, with everyone squeezed around a single table on chairs of varying heights; or I think of trips to the beach (where it would inevitably rain), and of my Great-Granny handing my brother and me a handful of coppers to buy sweets. In short, my crochet blanket has become an object treasured for its memories.


Little treasures in life that bring us joy.


The past has a peculiar power. It can work to shape and transform how we think of and view particular objects, places, or practices in the present. To my mind, an heirloom is  a product of this power. The heirloom plays such a fascinating role in triggering memories of past experiences and recollections of people, places, and times gone by. In doing so, it both allows us to reflect on the past and it creates an enriched experience of the present.


Creating an Heirloom


Vivid by Tin Can Knits in the Rainbow Heirloom “Sunshine after Storm” kit

What does it mean to create an heirloom? When I started making this blanket, I knew from the outset that I was creating something with intention, something made to last and with a meaning assigned to it from its inception. I have often thought of my family as makers, and I suppose in knitting I’m searching for that connection, and a shared sense of heritage and values. When I knit, and I think about that process of creating, I’m contemplating the incredible value of memory, family, and things that last. I become part of a chain that extends both before and beyond my own lifetime, and that’s a pretty special thing. To my mind, this blanket is a solid representation of this.



A pleasure to create and a beautiful heirloom to keep. 

Vivid by Tin Can Knits

Vivid is a beautiful lace blanket, knit one square at a time and then seamed together at the end. Each square is knit from the centre outward to the garter stitch border, and blocking creates a beauty of a blanket.

It’s also the perfect canvas for a rainbow!


The Vivid blanket kits will be available for preorder in the shop update tonight (Friday 25th March, 8pm BST). Each kit contains 21 unique colours of Rainbow Heirloom Sweater (already wound into balls for immediate knitting gratification!) plus the pattern for this irresistible modern blanket design.

We have three colourway options: the “classic rainbow” which arcs from vivid purples through lemony yellows to deep submarine blues; the cool and moody “sunshine and storm” rainbow which blends blues and stormy greys punctuated by bright rays of yellow; and from palest peach to blood orange and deep dangerous purple, the “princess rockstar” colourway is a saturated rainbow of hot colours full of passion and excitement.

Classic blends or cool and moody… which is your favourite?

The yarn is our most popular base: made from 100% superwash merino wool, Rainbow Heirloom Sweater is supersoft, tightly spun (for durability), and is an ideal pairing for this pattern.

In addition to the Vivid kits, tonight’s update will also include the Bounce blanket kits (available in all three colourways!), and a limited number of the Fly Away blanket kit. All three are a pleasure to create and a beautiful heirloom to keep.


The Bounce Blanket in “sunshine and storm” is Max-approved!



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