January Club Colourway :: Through the Dark


My dearest yarn club subscribers, I haven’t forgotten about you! Over the last few months we’ve had some really exciting colours, and I hope you’ve enjoyed knitting with them as much as I enjoyed dyeing them.


The previous three colourways were inspired by my three long term homes: Edinburgh, Hartlepool, and St Andrews. The former is my current home, and a place that I’ve completely fallen in love with. Edinburgh is full of Gothic architecture, hidden nooks and crannies, and a dark history full of ghoulish tales, and I wanted to capture some of its duality (its simultaneous beauty and this sense of the Gothic), with “waverly.” On the other hand, “hopeless romantic” puts me more in mind of the house I grew up in. It’s an old house, and when we moved in I remember the dusty attic rooms full of little treasures left behind by previous owners. Once, I found a book of romantic poetry that had fallen behind a radiator years before, with a library ticket dating back about 60 years! And when we started to decorate these rooms, we peeled back layers and layers of old-fashioned wallpaper. It completely filled my young mind with wonder, that these four walls could hold so many memories, and so much complexity. My parents still live there now, and I love going back to visit (even when my Mam is trying to convince me the place is haunted!).

20151111_141230_Richtone(HDR).jpgSt Andrews, then, was my first home away from home. I moved there for University when I was 18, and I’m still a regular visitor now, as I complete my PhD. So often, I feel like I’m living two lives: one in Edinburgh, with my business, and the other in St Andrews and my academic life. So I thought I’d bring the two together for my December colourway, “academic armchair!” St Mary’s College, where I often study, was founded in 1538. I can get lost amidst dusty volumes, surrounded by beautiful architecture, and whenever I’m there I always pause to view Queen Mary’s Hawthorn: a tree apparently planted by Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century!


But on to the January colourway! This month’s club yarn is one of my favourites. The concept of “home” is turning a little more abstract for the final couple of months of the Home from Home club. This month, the colour is inspired by my partner, Ross.

“through the dark” on Rainbow Heirloom Sweater

I’m not sure that this is a colour that people would necessarily connect with love; but for me, this warm, happy, earthy yellow really captures something of Ross’s personality. We’re celebrating our 8-year anniversary this Summer, and I’m sure I’ll continue to feel at home with him by my side. Plus, Ross is a classic Hufflepuff.

Okay, sappy bit over. The yarn is my old favourite, Sweater. I’ve been showing you this base a lot recently, but that’s because it really is something special. I love it for its durability, softness, stitch definition, and the way it really brings out the best in my colours. In fact, if you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve put together a Pinterest board with all of my favourite Rainbow Heirloom Sweater projects. Check it out! This month’s colourway really works fabulously on this base. I hope you love it as much as I do!


If you don’t already have a subscription, worry not! This yarn is available in the shop now as a one-off purchase. I can’t wait to see what you decide to cast on…


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