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Hi! I'm the owner of Rainbow Heirloom, where we create bold and beautiful yarn.

Colour, ombre, and the Wenlock Sweater


This week I’m returning the ombre kits to the online shop. These gorgeous bundles were originally designed to be used for the Wenlock sweater by Tin Can Knits. I tried on my first Wenlock two years ago, when I was asked to model the original sample sweater (featuring the Rainbow Heirloom “rockstar” palette!). I immediately fell in love with this stylish and simple design.

The pretty lace detail and feminine fit really sold it to me, and I knew I had to cast on one of these sweaters immediately! I had originally intended to gift the finished project to my Mam. She’s was a big fan of the Rainbow Heirloom ombre options, and after some serious gushing over those hot reds and pinks (who wouldn’t fall in love with that “killer flamingo?!”), I decided to match that gorgeous palette with the light grey “apparition” and cast on.

Somehow, this sweater made its way into my own wardrobe (oops?). The only solution is to make another one, maybe with those gorgeous greens this time?! In the meantime, I’m looking to projects for using up those delicious leftovers. I’ve already made these two delightful Prism hats…


Perfect for using up those leftovers, and adorable to boot! 



Those colours really pop!

Next, I’m setting my sights on the Undertone Cowl by Tin Can Knits (honestly, I think I want to make everything those ladies design). This sample is shown in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater, ‘apparition’, ‘snow melt’, ‘blue raspberry’, ‘tidepool find’, ‘jewel sea’, and ‘wicked pacific.’ It’s a design that really showcases those colours, and I’m looking forward to rocking all the ombre!



SO, in the current update, you can peruse the ombre kits to your heart’s content. I’ve also added some of my favourite blues on Rainbow Heirloom Sweater. Snap these beauties up while you can, folks!

BeFunky Collageblues.jpg

Blues, blues, blues!


Which is your favourite?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Sweater and Solo Light : Project Roundup

Rainbow Heirloom Solo Light

Solo Light is one of my very favourite yarns to dye and knit with. As the weather gets a tiny bit warmer, I’m dreaming of a wardrobe full of lightweight cardigans and sweaters (perhaps a Flax Light… or perhaps one in every colour?!). This yarn has a crisp clarity to it, which makes it ideal for so many projects. I’m particularly taken with the exquisitely delicate stitch definition that comes out in shawls. Here are some of my favourites…

BeFunky Collage

Slice, Buccaneer, Rivulet, Exploration Station, and Photosynthesis: those colours really “pop!”


Rainbow Heirloom Sweater


Sweater is a plump DK / worsted yarn that makes a cozy, dense fabric at 22 sts / 4″ (5.5 sts / inch), which is typical for DK weight patterns, but it even more ideal at 20 sts / 4″ (5 sts / inch), which is a perfect worsted sweater weight.  And if you go up an extra needle size, you can even use it for patterns calling for a gauge of 18 sts / 4″ (4.5 sts / inch). It’s so versatile, but still a total joy to knit with! It’s no secret that I adore my Tin Can Knits Lush cardigan knit up in “golden north” (I wear it constantly…).

BeFunky Collage

Lush by Tin Can Knits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater “golden north” 

The subtle semi-solid colourways of this yarn really enhance the beauty of lace, cables, and texture. Plus, I’ve seen so many fantastic colour palettes in this yarn — I just keep coming back to it! What will you be making next?

Springtime Shop Update…

I’m currently in full Spring knitting mode (think ALL THE SHAWLS!), and I hope you’ll be inspired by some of my favourite colourways on Sweater and Solo Light, which are available in the current shop update (Friday 31 March at 8pm GMT)!

BeFunky Collage

Rainbow Heirloom Sweater: this yarn takes dye beautifully, resulting in luminous semi-solid colours

BeFunky Collage

Rainbow Heirloom Solo Light: this single-ply sock weight merino soaks up colour, creating vivid colourways



January Club Colourway :: Through the Dark


My dearest yarn club subscribers, I haven’t forgotten about you! Over the last few months we’ve had some really exciting colours, and I hope you’ve enjoyed knitting with them as much as I enjoyed dyeing them.


The previous three colourways were inspired by my three long term homes: Edinburgh, Hartlepool, and St Andrews. The former is my current home, and a place that I’ve completely fallen in love with. Edinburgh is full of Gothic architecture, hidden nooks and crannies, and a dark history full of ghoulish tales, and I wanted to capture some of its duality (its simultaneous beauty and this sense of the Gothic), with “waverly.” On the other hand, “hopeless romantic” puts me more in mind of the house I grew up in. It’s an old house, and when we moved in I remember the dusty attic rooms full of little treasures left behind by previous owners. Once, I found a book of romantic poetry that had fallen behind a radiator years before, with a library ticket dating back about 60 years! And when we started to decorate these rooms, we peeled back layers and layers of old-fashioned wallpaper. It completely filled my young mind with wonder, that these four walls could hold so many memories, and so much complexity. My parents still live there now, and I love going back to visit (even when my Mam is trying to convince me the place is haunted!).

20151111_141230_Richtone(HDR).jpgSt Andrews, then, was my first home away from home. I moved there for University when I was 18, and I’m still a regular visitor now, as I complete my PhD. So often, I feel like I’m living two lives: one in Edinburgh, with my business, and the other in St Andrews and my academic life. So I thought I’d bring the two together for my December colourway, “academic armchair!” St Mary’s College, where I often study, was founded in 1538. I can get lost amidst dusty volumes, surrounded by beautiful architecture, and whenever I’m there I always pause to view Queen Mary’s Hawthorn: a tree apparently planted by Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century!


But on to the January colourway! This month’s club yarn is one of my favourites. The concept of “home” is turning a little more abstract for the final couple of months of the Home from Home club. This month, the colour is inspired by my partner, Ross.

“through the dark” on Rainbow Heirloom Sweater

I’m not sure that this is a colour that people would necessarily connect with love; but for me, this warm, happy, earthy yellow really captures something of Ross’s personality. We’re celebrating our 8-year anniversary this Summer, and I’m sure I’ll continue to feel at home with him by my side. Plus, Ross is a classic Hufflepuff.

Okay, sappy bit over. The yarn is my old favourite, Sweater. I’ve been showing you this base a lot recently, but that’s because it really is something special. I love it for its durability, softness, stitch definition, and the way it really brings out the best in my colours. In fact, if you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve put together a Pinterest board with all of my favourite Rainbow Heirloom Sweater projects. Check it out! This month’s colourway really works fabulously on this base. I hope you love it as much as I do!


If you don’t already have a subscription, worry not! This yarn is available in the shop now as a one-off purchase. I can’t wait to see what you decide to cast on…

A Rainbow Heirloom Christmas

12 days, 12 gorgeous colours, and great savings!

It’s Christmas, the holiday knitwear is out in full force, and I’ve been looking back on my first year of business as the owner of Rainbow Heirloom (and what a colourful year it’s been). As my way of saying thank you to you for your support, and to spread some festive cheer, I’ve picked out some beautifully bold and vivid colours on our Sweater base and I’ll be offering them to you with big discounts!


Which ones to choose?

I’ve chosen twelve of my favourite colours: those colours I really look forward to dyeing (and am most reluctant to send away!). From tomorrow, Wednesday 14th December, until Christmas Day, I’ll be adding one colour a day to the shop and for 24 hours (from noon until noon GMT) you can grab a skein (or two, or three…) of that day’s colour at 25% off PLUS free shipping!

The base yarn is Rainbow Heirloom Sweater, 100% extrafine superwash merino, tightly spun with a smooth soft hand and excellent durability. Sweater is a heavy DK / worsted weight yarn, and knits comfortably at 19, 20, 21, 22 sts per 4” in stockinette, making it very versatile. I love, love, love knitting with this yarn, and I know you will too!

This will be pre-order item ::: The 12 Christmas yarns will be dyed to order and will ship in January, which means a nice post-Christmas treat for you, at just the right time for some selfish knitting!

“princess rockstar”

the first yarn of Christmas is bright and bold…


Up first is is this strong and subversive pink which screams fun! “princess rockstar” will be available at 25% off and with free shipping from Wednesday 14th December at 12pm GMT until Thursday 15th December at 12pm GMT: so don’t forget to grab a skein while you can!


August Club Colourway :: Stormy Seas


IMG_4309 (2)

A perfect pair for some fine colourwork!

This month’s yarn club colourway is inspired by the stormy seas of Whitby harbour. This seaside town has captured the imaginations of so many people. If you read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, you’ll be captivated by his description of Dracula arriving in a shipwreck on the shores of Whitby and ascending the 199 steps up to the abbey while transformed as a large black dog. It certainly spooked me when I retraced his footsteps one misty afternoon!

I’ve been visiting Whitby since I was a bairn: staying with my Grandparents in a little rented cottage for a weekend, driving up with my parents for a couple of hours just to get some fish and chips, or spending hours walking around the cobbled streets and exploring the abbey. As many of my friends will attest to, I insist that everyone must visit this charming town come rain or shine.

Aug Yarn Inspiration.png

Inspiration: a view of the harbour on a stormy morning influenced these colour choices!



The August club yarn is Rainbow Heirloom Sock, a plied superwash merino and nylon blend which takes dye beautifully, for vivid and luminous colours. This base is tightly spun, durable and hard-wearing, perfect for socks and lightweight garments.

This beautiful pair is made up of two 50g skeins, and would be great for fine colourwork projects!

This kit is only available for a limited time, so check out the shop now where you can purchase this club yarn as a one off (or sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription to the Rainbow Heirloom yarn club!).

Rainbow Heirloom Sock
weight: fingering/4-ply
content: 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon
yardage: 232yds (212m) per 50 g skein
needles: 2 to 3.5 mm (US 0-4)
gauge: 26 – 32 sts = 10 cm (4”)

IMG_4294 (2)

“stormy seas” on Rainbow Heirloom Sock

July Club Colourway :: Roseberry Daze


“We may roam far and wide before we see. A finer sight than here from Rosebury”

— from a sonnet by George Tweddell 1870.

28129_609622130572_4085047_n (1)

The distinctive view of Roseberry Topping on the North Yorkshire Moors

This month’s colourway is inspired by my memories of the intense and varied greens of the North East England landscape. Roseberry Topping (the name itself is something I’ve always loved) is a short, but challenging, climb which rewards you with spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. It’s a walk I’ve done many times since my childhood (I even have vague memories of my parents attempting the less challenging sections with my little brother in a pushchair — a sight which always elicited some surprised looks from the passing, fully kitted-out hikers!). The carpet of bluebells in the woods at the start of the trek, the tiny bridges and waterfalls, the kissing gate (I’ll admit, I still suppress a childish giggle at that name), wildlife, and stone paths, all made it feel like something out of a fairytale. My visits as an adult have always been steeped in nostalgia for those childhood adventures, and I find a new magic in it every time I return.


So many gorgeous colours! 

Oh, and the inevitable “car picnics” that followed the climb, when the British weather didn’t allow us to sit outside for our sandwiches, have become a long-standing family tradition. When I visit home, the mention of “a trip out and a car picnic” fills me with excitement, much to the amusement of my partner Ross!


This month’s yarn is a complex, layered green, with earthy undertones. It’s a colour which shimmers, like my memories of the landscape which was its inspiration.


“roseberry daze” on RH twinkle DK


The featured base this month is Twinkle DK, one of my softest and most luxurious yarns!

Rainbow Heirloom TWINKLE DK
weight: DK
content: 50% superwash merino, 50% silk
yardage: 230 yds (210 m) per 100 g skein
needles: 3.5 to 5.0 mm (US 4-8)
gauge: 20 – 24 sts = 10 cm (4”)


I love how this yarn sparkles and shines, and really highlights the beauty of this colourway. It’s a great yarn for lace, because each stitch has great definition and clarity. Our Twinkle yarns are perfect for accessories and lightweight garments, and it’s SO soft that it can be worn next to the skin by the most sensitive of knitters.

This limited edition yarn is available now! Head over to the shop, where you can purchase one or more skeins of this gorgeous colourway, OR get 3 or 6 month subscriptions to guarantee more delicious club yarns at discounted rates!

A chance to win

July Giveaway

For a chance to win a skein of this month’s club yarn in a prize draw, head over to instagram for details of how to enter!

Home from Home: a new yarn club!

Home from Home: colours that speak of home.

It’s time for a new yarn club! This month I’m launching a club that is very close to my heart, and over 9 months I’ll be releasing a series of colours that speak of home.


Colours inspired by those places I feel at home.


Each month I will release a brand new colourway and base yarn combination. I’ll reveal the limited edition yarn and make it available for purchase in the shop on the first Friday of every month (starting today 3rd June 8pm BST), and your yarn will ship to you on the last Friday of the month.

And better yet, there will be a monthly yarn giveaway! I’ll be giving away a skein (or two!) in the club colourway every month to one of my customers. For every month you purchase one of my limited addition club yarns, you’ll be entered in to a prize draw! I’ll announce the winner at the end of each month, and be sure to keep an eye on instagram for more opportunities to #winRHyarn.

What does home mean to you?

Home is where your heart is, so they say. My colours for this club have sprung from my own stories, memories, journeys, and the beautiful moments of my life as I find those places I feel at home.

The first three months are inspired by childhood memories of home. These colours and stories will offer you a glimpse of the beautiful North East England landscape, from bright spring days in Teesdale to moody, story-inspiring coastal towns. The next part of the story are three shades inspired by my own attempts to seek out a home as I move away from my parents and establish some roots of my own in bonny Scotland. The final three colours are taken from a more abstract understanding of home, as I consider those special moments packed with meaning and memory that make me feel like I’m where I’m meant to be.

Springtime Valley on RH Heather


Inspired by a springtime shot of Teesdale.

The club colourway for June is “springtime valley” on Rainbow Heirloom Heather. That’s a brand new yarn base at Rainbow Heirloom!

Rainbow Heirloom Heather

weight: fingering / 4 ply
content: 50% baby alpaca / 50% merino
yardage: 437 yards (400m) per 100g skein
needles: 2.75 – 4mm (US 2 – 6)
gauge: 24 – 28 sts = 10cm (4″)



Head over to the shop, where you can either purchase one or more skeins of the current month’s limited edition club yarn, OR get a subscription for 3, 6, or 9 months (at a discounted rate!). The first limited edition colourway is available now, and by purchasing you get your first chance to #winRHyarn.

Stashbusters & Merino Light

As soon as I finished knitting my Vivid blanket my thoughts immediately turned to projects for using up all of those beautiful leftovers. Though I haven’t done much crochet before, I couldn’t resist the idea of a huge granny square blanket like this one by Solveig Grimstad.


Flowers in the Snow by Solveig Grimstad

Both Emily & I were immediately hooked (get it? I’m so sorry…) on this blanket design as soon as we saw it and we immediately started churning out squares. I’ve used the leftovers from the Sunshine and Storm colourway with a “natural” background, and Emily went for more of a vintage vibe using her nostalgia club “driftwood” yarn.


What are your favourite stash buster projects?



Syncopation Adoration by Stephen West

There are so many things you could make with all those small amounts of yarn! Emily created this amazing brioche hat using small amounts of Rainbow Heirloom sweater and some gorgeous colour combos.

If you’re still looking for inspiration I’ve created a pinterest board with lots of ideas and some more of my favourites.

What about tonight’s update?


The lovely weather we’ve been having in Edinburgh recently has had me dreaming of projects in this bouncy yarn. Merino Light is available in the shop now (22 Apr 8pm BST)! This bouncy 2-ply superwash merino takes  dye perfectly for subtle semi-solids.  It is great for lightweight sweaters, shawls, scarves, and colourwork projects. You can read more about it here.

I’m working on something seriously cute in this yarn just now (but it’s a secret!). And you’ve already seen this tiny Playdate cardigan that Emily made.

Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light

The Playdate Cardigan in 1-row stripes using RH Merino Light in ‘verdant’ and ‘jewel sea’

What else?

We also have Lush Light in the shop. This yarn is seriously luxurious (and one of my absolute favourites). This fingering weight yarn is a soft blend of baby alpaca, silk, and cashmere. Perfect for lace, shawls, and lightweight garments and colourwork projects.


RH Lush Light in the shop now!


Vivid, Bounce, and Fly Away: Thoughts on an Heirloom

On its own, the crochet blanket draped over the arm of my sofa is a tattered and old-fashioned thing, in desperate need of repair and apparently worthless. But for me, it acts as a tie to my Great-Grandma, who made this blanket for me when I was born. When I look at it now, it provides me with a powerful sense of nostalgia, and it has become integral to memories of my childhood experience of family. In particular, I think of huge dinners on a Sunday, with everyone squeezed around a single table on chairs of varying heights; or I think of trips to the beach (where it would inevitably rain), and of my Great-Granny handing my brother and me a handful of coppers to buy sweets. In short, my crochet blanket has become an object treasured for its memories.


Little treasures in life that bring us joy.


The past has a peculiar power. It can work to shape and transform how we think of and view particular objects, places, or practices in the present. To my mind, an heirloom is  a product of this power. The heirloom plays such a fascinating role in triggering memories of past experiences and recollections of people, places, and times gone by. In doing so, it both allows us to reflect on the past and it creates an enriched experience of the present.


Creating an Heirloom


Vivid by Tin Can Knits in the Rainbow Heirloom “Sunshine after Storm” kit

What does it mean to create an heirloom? When I started making this blanket, I knew from the outset that I was creating something with intention, something made to last and with a meaning assigned to it from its inception. I have often thought of my family as makers, and I suppose in knitting I’m searching for that connection, and a shared sense of heritage and values. When I knit, and I think about that process of creating, I’m contemplating the incredible value of memory, family, and things that last. I become part of a chain that extends both before and beyond my own lifetime, and that’s a pretty special thing. To my mind, this blanket is a solid representation of this.



A pleasure to create and a beautiful heirloom to keep. 

Vivid by Tin Can Knits

Vivid is a beautiful lace blanket, knit one square at a time and then seamed together at the end. Each square is knit from the centre outward to the garter stitch border, and blocking creates a beauty of a blanket.

It’s also the perfect canvas for a rainbow!


The Vivid blanket kits will be available for preorder in the shop update tonight (Friday 25th March, 8pm BST). Each kit contains 21 unique colours of Rainbow Heirloom Sweater (already wound into balls for immediate knitting gratification!) plus the pattern for this irresistible modern blanket design.

We have three colourway options: the “classic rainbow” which arcs from vivid purples through lemony yellows to deep submarine blues; the cool and moody “sunshine and storm” rainbow which blends blues and stormy greys punctuated by bright rays of yellow; and from palest peach to blood orange and deep dangerous purple, the “princess rockstar” colourway is a saturated rainbow of hot colours full of passion and excitement.

Classic blends or cool and moody… which is your favourite?

The yarn is our most popular base: made from 100% superwash merino wool, Rainbow Heirloom Sweater is supersoft, tightly spun (for durability), and is an ideal pairing for this pattern.

In addition to the Vivid kits, tonight’s update will also include the Bounce blanket kits (available in all three colourways!), and a limited number of the Fly Away blanket kit. All three are a pleasure to create and a beautiful heirloom to keep.


The Bounce Blanket in “sunshine and storm” is Max-approved!


Meet Nina, the new boss lady!

bright, bold and beautiful

Nina’s been working on Rainbow Heirloom behind the scenes for years… now she’s stepping into the sun!


Nina, new boss lady at Rainbow Heirloom

Rainbow Heirloom was conceived by Emily Wessel (designer at Tin Can Knits), but as her family has grown, the responsibilities for crafting your vivid yarn have been increasingly handled by fellow dyer and creative Nina Davies.

Since the beginning, Nina has been a crucial part of the team, and we’re so pleased to announce she has officially taken over ownership of  the business.

What will change?  We’ll still offer a sparkling array of delicious colours, and inspiring knit kits.  And there are more exquisite designs by Tin Can Knits in Rainbow Heirloom yarns coming soon!  Nina is also planning an exciting new club for 2016… details will be announced soon.

Why does Nina look so familiar? As well as dying, knitting and shipping, Nina has been modelling for Tin Can Knits since 2013, so you’ve probably been seeing her face online for years!


You may have seen Nina modelling the Lodestar stole, the Wenlock pullover, and the Lowlands hat!

Say “hello!”  Originally from a coastal town in the North East of England, Nina moved to Scotland in 2008 and eventually settled in Edinburgh. Somewhere between working on her PhD and an obsessive amount of knitting, she found the time to dip her hands in the dye pot here at Rainbow Heirloom. She’s obsessed with brilliant, saturated, and vivid colours (and also with Harry Potter, but that’s a different story…). Working together these last few years has been an absolute joy, and Nina is committed to creating those same blistering brights, deep jewel tones, delicately soft tonals, and the extensive range of greys that you know and love. She’s also excited to share new and exciting upcoming projects (including a brand new yarn club launching in the Spring)! So say “hello!” and look forward to many more beautiful rainbows in the future!

but what’s in tonight’s update?

We’ve got some Ombre kits, a few remaining Buccaneer kits, a couple Bounce Blanket kits too, and some palette kits too.



hope: a bright rainbow against grey

This mini kit marks the final instalment of the Nostalgia club.  A single skein of RH Sweater, with mini skeins of approximately 10-12g (25 yds) each, this lovely combination would be perfect for a small colourwork project.  The MC is ‘grey whale’ and the CCs are ‘fav aunty’, ‘killer flamingo’, ‘almost spring’, ‘scorched fern’, and ‘blue collar’.  We aren’t making very many extras this month, so if you’d like one, order now.

The colour combination was inspired by a creative project that I started a couple years ago. These paper cranes were folded in hope, during a sad and scary time, as I watched my mother-in-law slip further and further into illness. We sat with her, we waited for the doctors to tell us what was wrong, we hoped for the best result, and every time the news came back bad, we hoped the next test would be better.  As we waited and the family tried to prop each other up against the sadness and fear, I folded paper cranes.


Inside the cranes, I wrote notes of gratitude, and this helped me see the beautiful in life alongside our unfolding loss.  I wrote about the beauty of my home, the hope I had for the baby I was pregnant with, the love I had for my family and friends, and the luck and mountain of opportunities I have had in my life.  I wrote thanks for the past and hopes for the future.  Working with my hands, and making something beautiful helped with the pain; something that I’m sure most knitters will understand.

Loss and change are part of life, and John and I have mourned Muriel over the past year and a half.  Our son Max was born a few months after her death, and our family is now expanding once more!



so many babies …

Rainbow Heirloom was Emily’s second baby (after Tin Can Knits), then Max came along and soon she’ll have another newbie, so she’s stepping back to spend a bit more family time. But I am sure you’ll be seeing plenty of little Rainbow Heirloom knits modelled by her little ones.

Auld Lang Syne

On New years eve, or Hogmanay as it is known here in Scotland, we mark the turning point between one year and the next.  There is always reflection on the past year, and a sense of excitement for the potentials of a new year, and the opportunity for one great big party.

Auld Lang Syne

The photo that inspired this month’s nostalgia club colourway, ‘auld lang syne’, was taken on my first New Year’s Eve here in Edinburgh. The cold night sky, lit by colourful explosions, was burned into this deep vivid teal which faded to black.


This is probably my very favourite limited edition colourway of the entire Nostalgia club! And other designers seem to agree.  Amanda B. Collins (Owl Print Panda) has created a very special shawlette… which we’ll share with you next week.  Dieuwke van Mulligen has designed a unique little cropped cardigan, New Start, perfect for over a party dress!  And Alexa of Tin Can Knits knit a beautiful smocked cowl too.

The January limited-edition colourway is a vivid blackened teal, and it’s dyed on Rainbow Heirloom Lush Light, a luxuriously soft blend of baby alpaca, silk, and cashmere.  Lush Light is perfect for lace, shawls, lightweight garments, and colourwork projects!

Rainbow Heirloom Lush Light

weight: fingering / 4 ply
content: 70% baby alpaca / 20% silk / 10% cashmere
yardage: 437 yards (400m) per 100g skein
needles: 2.75 – 4mm (US 2 – 6)
gauge: 24 – 28 sts = 10cm (4″)

If you love this yarn (it’s one of our favourites here at Rainbow Heirloom), then you’ll want to try the other Lush yarns: Lush DK (246 yds / 100g) and Lush Lace (655 yds / 100g), featuring that same fabulous blend of alpaca, silk, and cashmere. There are a few skeins available in the shop now!


New Start is a delicate cropped cardigan, perfect to wear with your favourite party dress!

Auld Lang Syne is also available for a limited time on our most popular base: Rainbow Heirloom Sweater. The talented designer Dieuwke van Mulligen (whose excellent designs have been featured on our blog, here) has designed a beautiful cropped cardigan, called “New Start,” in a combination Rainbow Heirloom Sweater and Lush Light, both in this month’s colourway. Perfect for wearing over pretty dresses! New Start is available now, and you can learn more about this pattern here.

New Start Cardigan

I love the way Dieuwke has combined 2 yarn bases in the same colourway; it really highlights the way different fibres take the dye differently.

Amanda B. Collins (OwlPrintPanda) has designed a beautifully lightweight shawlette in this month’s Nostalgia Club yarn! “Syne” features and a lace border. This pattern will be launched early next week but here’s a quick peek…

Syne Shawlette by Amanda B Collins

With rays of expanding ribbing and textural lace that really sparkles, we can’t wait to reveal this lovely shawlette by Amanda B Collins!

If cozy cowls are your thing, check out this version of the “Gather” cowl by Tin Can Knits, worked in RH Sweater. The subtle hues of our January colourway really shine in this bold stitch pattern!

Gather by Tin Can Knits

Gather cowl by Tin Can Knits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater in ‘auld lang syne’.

Today’s shop update – Friday January 8th at 8pm BST [check your time here] will have this exclusive Nostalgia Club Colourway, plus a number of other yummy yarns!

Auld Lang Syne on Rainbow Heirloom Sweater

January’s club colourway ‘auld lang syne’ on Rainbow Heirloom Sweater.